Mitsubishi to build Eclipse Cross compact SUV

Mitsubishi to build Eclipse Cross compact SUV

Mitsubishi Motors confirms all-new SUV models name…

As we reported in late January (details here) Mitsubishi will soon be expanding its range with a new compact SUV/crossover.

Now we can confirm it will be known as the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, the Eclipse Cross name will be new to Australia, but not entirely new to the Mitsubishi brand.

Mitsubishi Motors used the Eclipse name on a coupe model sold in the U.S. in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

While Cross is, not surprisingly, short for ‘crossover’.

In announcing the name for the all-new model this evening, Mitsubishi also released these two new teaser images of the new offering.

Mitsubishi to build Eclipse Cross compact SUVMitsubishi telling us the model will boast stylish coupe lines with the freedom of movement the SUV genre gives.

The Japanese car manufacturer adding that the high-saturation red body colour, newly developed for the model, is also reflected in the name to evoke the brilliance of the prominence seen during the total solar eclipse.

We will bring you more Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross News as it comes to hand.

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