Mitsubishi Cars Scores U.S. Sales Milestone

Mitsubishi Cars Score U.S. Sales Milestone

Mitsubishi celebrates five million car sales in the U.S.

Mitsubishi Cars Score U.S. Sales Milestone - a growing number of U.S. buyers are being attracted to the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV.

Mitsubishi may not be the most coveted car brand in the U.S. but after nearly 33 years in the market a major sales milestone has just been passed.

Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) has delivered its five-millionth new vehicle to a U.S. buyer. The milestone vehicle being handed over to a customer this week and that comes after questions were asked, especially earlier in this decade, whether Mitsubishi even had a future in the ultra-competitive U.S. market.

But, despite some very lean years, Mitsubishi Cars is now finding a growing number of U.S. buyers.

The brand has just reported its 21st consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases, and U.S. sales are up 23% over the same period last year. The Mitsubishi Outlander has attracted 43% more US buyers this year, Outlander Sport (or ASX in Australia) has found 26% more buyers.

Don Swearingen, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors North America says the five-million car milestone marks a new chapter for the brand.

“This is a great milestone for Mitsubishi Motors because it means that five million customers have entrusted the brand over the past 30-plus years, and we hope many more will give us that same opportunity in the future,”

“Our current sales momentum combined with a technologically innovative product pipeline primes Mitsubishi for great success in the U.S. for many years to come.”

The Mitsubishi U.S.A product line-up heading into 2016 consists of the i-MIEV, Mirage, Lancer, Outlander Sport (ASX) and Outlander.

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