Mercedes-Benz Actros a winner for Eastern Plant Hire

Mercedes-Benz Actros a winner for Eastern Plant Hire

Melbourne earthworks business gives Mercedes-Benz Actros thumbs-up.

Mercedes-Benz Actros a winner for Eastern Plant Hire - the Actros runs as a Hercules Bisalloy body tipper and three-axle tipper trailer combo.

The operators of a Mercedes-Benz Actros tipper say they couldn’t be happier with their decision to purchase the Mercedes-Benz truck.

Eastern Plant Hire runs a fleet of 30 trucks and delivering dirt and other earthwork material across Melbourne and surrounds, the family-owned business deciding to add the Mercedes-Benz 2651 Actros to its fleet after an extended test-drive courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia.

The Melbourne earthworks business has traditionally run a fleet of American-sourced trucks.

But EPH Managing Director, Michael Willson, told Behind the Wheel Truck News that the 510hp 16-litre V8 turbo diesel in the Actros leaves the other, older-style trucks in the EPH fleet for dead.

“It represents quite a significant change for us,”

“The drive experience is very different, it is like getting out of a 1970s car and into the latest model Mercedes.”

Mr Willson says the Actros is a perfect fit for the business, which does a lot of work in the city and the suburbs.

“It is a hell of a lot easier to operate than our other trucks,” he says.

Eastern Plant Hire plants to increase its fleet of Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks in the near future.

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