Mazda’s big commitment to electric vehicles

Mazda the latest car manufacturer to commit to electric future

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The push towards an electric-drive future is continuing with Mazda the latest manufacturer to reportedly commit to bringing the technology to all of its cars.

Though reports out of Japan today say the Japanese brand, the second-most popular car brand in Australia, appears to be in no great rush to make the switch from traditional combustion engines.

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In fact, it won’t be until about 2030 or so before every Mazda car/SUV has an electric drive, or electrical assistance (i.e. hybrid drive), according to a report in the Kyodo News.

Currently, Mazda Australia doesn’t have any hybrid or electric models on offer, while overseas there’s a hybrid Mazda3 available.

Things are expected to start speeding up on the EV/hybrid front for Mazda though, and that’s thanks to a deal signed with Toyota recently in the U.S.(full details on that here).

The Japanese news outlet has reported the commitment to further Mazda electrification and has cited sources for the details.

A Mazda spokesperson declined to comment on the report.

The apparent commitment to a future electrified range of vehicles for Mazda comes after Eu HondaBMW, Volvo and Volkswagen all made similar promises in recent months.

We will keep you updated as any further details come to hand.

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