Mazda keeping Aussie owners happy

Mazda tops most satisfied owner research

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Australian’s love the Mazda product, perhaps more than any other market anywhere in the world.

And it looks like we know a good car when we find it, Australia’s second-best selling brand has just topped a Roy Morgan study into which car brands have the most satisfied customers.

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The research involved feedback from 40,000 car drivers and found high levels of satisfaction with Mazda cars and the aftersales service that they have received from Mazda dealers.

The Japanese brand finished 4th in the corresponding survey last year.

2017 Roy Morgan Automotive Satisfaction Report Top Brands:

While the lowest satisfaction rating across the 24 major brands was Daihatsu with 85.9%, followed by Jeep (88.9%), Holden (89.3%) and Ford (89.8%).

Norman Morris is the Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, he says the study found that generally Australian car owners were happy with their car, and the brand they selected.

“In such a highly competitive car market as Australia, it is critical that brands focus on their satisfaction ratings with customer satisfaction having the potential to impact on customer retention and advocacy.

“This research has shown that very little currently separates the satisfaction of the major players in this market.”

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Are you a satisfied Mazda owner? Is the Australian popularity of the brand reflected in the quality of the Mazda product?

Let us know your Mazda ownership experiences in the comments section below.

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