Majority of cars found to need attention

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Something wrong with most cars

Most car owners would probably admit to knowing that at least one component or function of their car is either out of action, or not functioning properly.

It probably won’t come as a great surprise then to hear that the majority of cars inspected as part of a recent U.S. study found the majority needed at least one issue fixed or attended to.

The non-profit Car Care Council sent inspectors to work across the U.S. checking things like wipers, belts, hoses, air filters, lighting, tyres and lubricant/fluids.

Eight out of 10 vehicles were found to need some type of service.

Most Common Car Maintenance Failures:

  • Engine Oil - 22% of vehicles tested had low, overfull or dirty oil
  • Belts/Hoses - 18% of belts were unsatisfactory and at least 12% of vehicles needed a new hose
  • Air Filters - Nearly one out of every five vehicles inspected needed a new air filter
  • Check Engine Light - 14% of vehicles had an illuminated check engine light
  • Batteries - Battery cables, clamps and terminals were found to be in need of repair on 18% of vehicles inspected

“At the Car Care Council, we stress the importance of preventative vehicle maintenance and provide free tools, tips and information to help motorists become more car care aware so they can avoid the hassle and expense associated with unexpected car trouble,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

“By implementing a proactive auto care plan, car owners can identify and fix small issues now before they become more costly repairs later.”

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