Mahindra predicts boom in EV sales to fleet operators

Mahindra executive director sees more operators moving to EVs…

Mahindra predicts boom in EV sales to fleet operators

The last time you jumped into a taxi in Australia, chances are it was a Toyota Camry Hybrid.

The hybrid, which saves operators serious dollars on their LPG/fuel bills, is helping keep taxis stay in the game as they face serious competition from ride-sharing services, notably Uber.

But the future for taxis, hire cars, company cars and other public transport type applications could be fully-electric, according to the executive director of the Mahindra & Mahindra group, Pawan Goenka.

The Indian vehicle manufacturer is pinning much of its future on electric vehicles with hopes the EV models will help them gain a larger slice of the global auto industry in coming years.

Mahindra has already released a number of EV models and recently took the covers off another new electric-drive model - the e20 Plus (details here).

Mr Goenka has told the Hindustan Times that trials are currently underway with a number of fleet operators in India, including the country’s leading taxi company which will utilize the cars for a ride sharing service.

While Lithium Urban Technologies, another large fleet operator, recently purchased 200 electric vehicles from the car company.

“They will use them for commute of executives, and so far these vehicles have clocked 1.2 million kms,” Mr Goenka told the publication.

“The business model is proven and we are looking at similar associations with other companies.”

Meantime, Mahindra could also have a Tesla Model S competitor to offer international buyers in coming years.

Mr Goenka confirming the vehicle would be designed by famous Italian car design firm, Pininfarina – another business that is now in the hands of the giant Indian conglomerate.

“The good thing is that we always get compared with Tesla, so that’s nice,”

“With Pininfarina, we are looking at a possibility of also an all-electric vehicle.”

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