Mack Trucks boosts MP8 engine

Mack Trucks boosts MP8 engine

Buyers of Mack trucks in Australia will soon benefit from an updated version of the Mack MP8 engine.

Set to enter production in the US in October and then arrive in Australia next year, the improved MP8 engine boasts an up to 8.8% improvement in fuel economy, primarily by way of new turbo-compounding technology.

Mack Trucks boosts MP8 engineStu Russoli, highway and powertrain products marketing manager with Mack, says the system converts hot exhaust gas into extra horsepower and that means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard.

“The second turbo runs gears and puts 50 hp (37kW) back into the crankshaft,”

“We can give you 50 more horsepower on the engine, which we’re not doing. We’re taking that 50 hp and letting the engine rest more, so we’re improving your fuel economy because it’s not working as hard and the exhaust gas is putting 50 hp into that crank.”

Turbo-compounding also allows peak torque to be achieved at 900 rpm, enabling further downspeeding.

While other improvements being made to the Mack MP8 engine for 2017 include a new common rail fuel injection system and a redesigned wave piston, it is also 20kg lighter than the outgoing engine.

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