Lexus UX Concept is a glimpse of the future

There’s a good chance the Lexus SUV range will expand to include a vehicle based on the Lexus UX Concept, regardless, the concept has certainly been used as a basis for some pretty interesting tech.

Lexus this afternoon let us know that the concept SUV, which will debut at the Paris Motor Show next week, has been fitted with features such as floating hologram-style displays.

The luxury car maker saying the displays, including the driver’s instrument binnacle and centre console, “offer a three-dimensional driver experience to progressive customers who live and work in an ever-connected environment”.

The UX Concept also features electro-chromatic windows and door mirrors that aren’t mirrors, but e-mirror camera housings.

While all the switchgear is electrostatic and displayed under transparent covers and the dashboard boasts a demountable sound bar that “provides an advanced audio experience for the new-generation Lexus customer”.

The Lexus UX Concept will debut next week.

Stephan Rasmussen is a Designer at the Lexus European Design Centre, he says the Lexus UX Concept has been designed to be a glimpse into the future.

“Our brief was to create a new genre of compact crossover; a vehicle that could create something unique from a customer’s point of view - an innovative, three-dimensional, fully immersive user experience.”

We will keep you updated with info from Lexus as it comes to hand.

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