Lexus turbocharged engine accounts for nearly half of sales

Australian buyers have responded positively to the 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine now available in a number of Lexus models.

The engine first appeared in the Lexus NX SUV just last year and is now also found in the larger Lexus RX SUV, the Lexus IS and GS sedans and the sporty RC Coupe.

In total, 45% of all new Lexus vehicles leaving dealerships in 2016 feature the small capacity/big output powerplant.

With sales Lexus turbo models jumping up 33% this year, Lexus Australia boss Peter McGregor said the engine is developing a strong following.

“The Lexus turbo powerplant is a superb piece of engineering that excels in its versatility, delivering excellent output, response, efficiency and refinement no matter which Lexus vehicle it powers and the way it drives the wheels,”

“Engineers spent years honing this engine for diverse uses and they have delivered a thoroughly modern solution that we are delighted to see find such excellent reception in the Australian luxury vehicle market.”

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