Lexus says NO to the plug

Lexus won't follow Toyota's lead on plug-ins

lexus plug in car

Lexus will not go down the plug-in hybrid road with its low emission vehicles, preferring instead, fully electric cars complemented by fuel cell powered models.

According to Alain Uyttenhoven, head of Lexus in Europe, Lexus has no plans to pursue plug-in hybrid technology at all.

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Speaking at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, he told the UK auto publication, AutoExpress, the Japanese luxury brand will leave the plug-in hybrids to Toyota.

Mr Uyttenhoven, sees plug-in tech as more of a stop-gap than a solution to an actual problem.

Part of his reasoning has to do with Europe tightening its emissions standards and this could soon make the hybrids Lexus already sells not clean enough.

“Soon we will have to reach 75g/km. At that time hybrids will not be sufficient,” said Uyttenhoven.

“The two things we can potentially do are; introduce plug-in or introduce electric.” But Lexus would rather develop the latter.

“We do not need to have plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

“It’s a loophole in the market. We will reach carbon dioxide targets without them,” he said.

Initially, it will probably mean offering electric and fuel cell versions of its most expensive products while engineers work to bring down the cost of electric technology.

Unfortunately all of this probably means there won’t be an ‘affordable’ plug-in CT 200h, but there may be a fully electric LC 500.

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The cost of electrification is obviously going to continue to be a major stumbling block going forward.

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