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Lexus premieres LS+ Concept

Intelligent car debuts at Tokyo Motor Show

Lexus is aiming to help eliminate casualties on the road and the unveiling of their latest concept car brings them one step closer to that realisation.

The Tokyo Motor Show was the location they chose to premiere the Lexus LS+ Concept sedan complete with new advanced artificial intelligence.

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The tech serves as a ‘highway teammate’ to automate nearly all driving operations such as merging into highway traffic, lane keeping, speed adjustments, lane changes, overtaking and maintaining vehicle-to-vehicle distance via the on-board systems.

This in turn improves highway safety, reduces driver fatigue and lower the amount of traffic congestion.

The LS+ Concept can also communicate with a data centre to update software, allowing new functions to be added.

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Design-wise the LS+ comes out slightly longer, wider and lower than the upcoming LS500 with a futuristic grille and laser-lit headlamps.

Lexus hopes to develop these advanced technologies with the goal of a higher level of autonomy and full application at the start of the next decade.

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