Lexus LC design caused plenty of headaches

Lexus LC designers talk about the design challenges with sporty coupe

It’s a stunningly good-looking car, but the Lexus LC was not the easiest car to design, according to those responsible for making the model a reality.

Lexus LC design caused plenty of headachesSet to land in Australian Lexus dealerships early next year, the Lexus LC chief engineer Koji Sato and chief designer Tadao Mori (pictured) have spoken about the development of the model and the challenges they had to overcome.

Speaking to Lexus of Europe, Mr Sato said the biggest challenge was providing optimum performance and packaging while retaining the dramatic styling and road presence of the concept version of the coup – the LF-LC.

“You might think the LC project simply involved turning the LF-LC concept into a road car, but in fact it was far more complex than that,”

“As an engineer, I wanted the car to have great performance, while my chief designer colleague, Tadao Mori, wanted a great look.

“Despite our different disciplines, we essentially had the same goal and worked together to achieve some amazingly imaginative solutions.”

2017 Lexus LC Snapshot:

  • Will be offered as LC 500h with tweaked version if of the Lexus 3.5 V6 petrol/hybrid drivetrain.
  • Said to be the first Lexus hybrid that can spin its rear wheels.
  • First Lexus hybrid to utilize smaller and lighter lithium-ion hybrid battery.
  • V8-powered LC 500 with 10-speed automatic transmission also available.

While Mr Mori said he struggled to make sure the car was both beautiful and functional.

“Everything presented a challenge, but it was the packaging - how we made use of space in the car - that was the most demanding aspect: how to keep a low roof, but at the same time keep the cabin comfortable or how to fit the car with 21-inch wheels, but still have a low bonnet,”

“In fact, to create the low bonnet, our suspension engineers had to rework the components many times before we achieved the effect we wanted.

“This took months of hard work, but the engineers were so excited about the LC’s design, they were prepared to do what was needed to make it happen.”

We will bring you more details on the new Lexus LC in coming months, including Australian specifications and pricing info.

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