Lexus GS range rated most reliable used luxury car

UK owners give Lexus GS thumbs up as Jaguar S Type declared least reliable.

A new survey of luxury car owners has found choosing a second-hand model with ‘all the bells and whistles’ means, in the main, more expensive repairs and worse reliability than more modest vehicles.

The survey, conducted by UK publication Which?, found annual repair bills average at nearly £100, even for the most reliable model and even the best luxury car reliability scores are slightly lower than other classes of car.

Which? Most reliable used luxury car – Lexus GS (2005-2012)

Lexus GS.

The GS topped the reliability table for luxury cars. Though a reliability score of 86% isn’t as high as that of leading models in other classes, the GS only suffered minor problems - tyre pressure sensors top the fault list.

A breakdown rate of 6% isn’t as low as it could be, though average annual repair rates of £85 are at the lower end of the scale for luxury cars. Common faults affected engines, braking and fuel systems, though most of these were minor.

Which? Least reliable used luxury car – Jaguar S Type (1999-2007)

Jaguar S Type.

This model’s styling may hark back to a long gone era and so does its reliability, with average annual repair bills close to £200. With a reliability score of 76%, the S-Type is 3% adrift of the next least reliable luxury car.

Faults plagued the engine, suspension components and air conditioning system. Other problems a wide range of areas from the rainwater seals to the automatic transmission. Though a reliability score of 76% isn’t the worst of all car classes, annual repair bills of £197 are a concern.


Joel Helmes