Lexus Gives NSW Police Force an RC F Coupe

Lexus Gives NSW Police Force an RC F Coupe

Just 24 hours after it emerged that a Ford Mustang had some alleged technical issues while being tested by the NSW Police Force, Lexus has stepped in and announced it was supplying one if its own cars for duty.

Though not being trialed exactly for highway patrol and general duties work, as the Mustang was, the 5.0 litre V8-powered Lexus RC F coupe will take on a more subdued role.

Lexus tell us the RC F will be used to promote road safety and as a static display at community events. Based out of Wollongong, the Lexus coupe will also make an appearance at the Bathurst Six Hour during Easter as a race control vehicle.

Lexus Australia boss Peter McGregor telling Behind the Wheel that there would be significant benefit from providing the vehicle to the NSW Police.

“It gives us great pleasure to provide the NSW Police with a stunning RC F coupe to assist them with their important task of promoting safety on our roads - a critical issue for all road users as we enter the colder months of the year,”

“We are also confident the public will enjoy interacting with the RC F when it is on display at the events, providing a visual statement with its arresting styling package and an audible thrill thanks to its high output V8 engine.”

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