Lexus celebrates Aussie hybrid milestone

Lexus celebrates Aussie hybrid milestone

20,000th Lexus hybrid delivered locally

The hybrid powertrain has become synonymous with the Toyota and Lexus brands and now a major sales milestone has just been passed by the more luxurious of the two marques.

Lexus has paused to mark a significant milestone – 20,000 Lexus hybrid sales in Australia.

Showing the hybrid powertrain is gaining in acceptance locally, Lexus took almost eight years to deliver its first 10,000 hybrid vehicles, but just three-and-a-half years to double the total.

The biggest-selling Lexus hybrid here has been the RX SUV.

Today, more than one in three Lexus vehicles sold in Australia boasts a hybrid powertrain and Lexus chief, Peter McGregor, says that’s quite an achievement.

“Lexus was first to introduce hybrids to the luxury market more than a decade ago,”

“Our newly arrived flagship coupe, the LC 500h, has taken this technology to a new level of performance, responsiveness and driving pleasure.”

Where it all started - Lexus GS 450h

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