Knowledge the big stumbling block for EVs

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UK study finds people unsure

It appears that proponents of electric cars need to do more to educate prospective buyers about the EV ownership experience.

A UK study has found 70% of prospective car buyers have only a low level of knowledge about issues such as EV range and charging requirements/procedures.

The study has been released just days after Queensland flicked the switch on a new EV charging network – check out all the details on that in this week’s Behind the Wheel Podcast.

The study was conducted by hpi and the Leeds Beckett University and found that despite the lack of knowledge around EVs, interest among car buyers is strong.

Over 95% of the motorists surveyed said they would feel extremely safe when driving an electric vehicle.

While over two thirds said they would be happy to buy a used EV vehicle.

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Fernando Garcia from hpi says the shift is on to electric cars, but things could happen faster if people felt more comfortable with the technology.

“Alternative fuel vehicles including EVs and hybrids are growing in popularity year on year but the automotive industry needs to work with the Government to do more to convince people of the benefits and shoot down some of the myths.

“It’s apparent that consumers feel that they don’t have enough information about life with an electric vehicle.

“This represents a huge opportunity for the manufacturers to engage with motorists.

“With the distances covered by the average motorist being relatively short, fully electric cars are well suited to the vast majority of regular journeys.

“Plug-in hybrids can also provide a good balance between range and efficiency plus the economic benefits for motorists can be enormous, offering big savings on fuel and tax costs as well as much lower maintenance costs.”

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Is a lack of understanding of the tech stopping you from buying an electric car or plug-in hybrid? Or is it the higher purchase that is holing you back? Let us know your thoughts on EVs below.

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