Kia Stinger being put to the test

Kia Stinger being put to the test

Kia engineers making sure Kia Stinger is up to speed…

Perhaps the most anticipated new Kia model ever, the Kia Stinger will start landing in dealerships later in the year.

Ahead of that arrival, and before production officially kicks-off, Kia is testing the new large rear-wheel drive sedan to the extreme.

The Korean car company’s engineers are currently undertaking extreme cold weather testing of the Kia Stinger in northern Sweden.

The Stinger is being tested in a range of low-grip environments.

Albert Biermann, Kia’s Head of Vehicle Test and High Performance Development, says the conditions, with temperatures as low as -35 degrees, are ideal for fine-tuning the car’s handling.

“Testing the car in these extreme conditions allows us to focus on the stability and predictability that the Stinger offers drivers, in every configuration and in all driving conditions.

“Crucially, these tests allow us to engineer a car which retains the driving appeal that buyers look for in a sport sedan.

“We want enthusiastic drivers to be able to enjoy the thrill of driving their Stinger in all conditions without compromising on safety.”

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