Kia continues 2017 boom in July

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Kia sets sights on top five

The Australian car buying public is flocking to Kia in 2017 and the success that the brand is getting all comes down to one thing - a range of quality, good value vehicles.

Oh, and backing your product with an industry leading seven-year warranty hasn’t hurt either.

In July, Kia Australia sold 4,266 vehicles and that is a full 20% above where the brand was a year ago.

Across the first seven months of the year Kia sales increased 32.8%!

The much-maligned Korean brand is now ahead of Nissan and Volkswagen, and if the trend continues, and we don’t see why it won’t, Kia could even skip ahead of Holden and Ford and cement itself in the top five.

Kia is catching the ‘big two’ in quick time.

Holden sales dropped another 8.5% in July, for the year Holden sales have slumped 11.8%, while their arch-rivals, Ford, also look to be faltering.

The blue-oval brand had a stellar sales year in 2016 on the back of the popularity of the Ranger and Mustang primarily, but this year things aren’t going so well.

In July, Ford Australia had 9.1% fewer customers than in July 2016, though across the first seven months Ford was down only slightly - 0.6%.

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It should also be remembered that the Kia numbers aren’t inflated by commercial vehicle sales, such as utes and vans, as the Holden/Ford numbers are.

So which Kia models are driving the 2017 growth? Basically all the newest offerings/most up to date in the range (basically everything except Rondo, Optima and Soul).

And what do Kia think of their extremely strong recent sales performance?

While we’re sure they’re delighted, to their great credit, Kia doesn’t publicize or comment on it’s sales numbers.

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