Kawasaki Recalls Selected 2012 Models

Kawasaki has recalled a number of 2012 models over what could only be considered a minor defect.

The problem is with the circlips that secure the passenger footrest pivot pins.

On some bikes this circlip may be brittle due to a manufacturing defect, and this may cause the circlip to fail and allow the pivot pins to come out of position and the footrest to detach while riding.

Kawasaki says this creates a potential accident hazard for the rider.

Despite being a minor issue, it does show how seriously Kawasaki takes it quality control.

Affected models are:

  • EX250JCF - 2012 NINJA 250R
  • EX250JCFA - 2012 NINJA 250RSE
  • KLE650DCFW - 2012 VERSYS 650L ABS
  • ER650FCFW - 2012 ER-6nL ABS

Owners of affected bikes will be contacted by Kawasaki, advised of the recall and referred to an authorised repairer.

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2 Comments on Kawasaki Recalls Selected 2012 Models

    • Hello Aditya. This recall seems to be a global issue. The problem was originally identified in Malaysia, and after investigation Kawasaki decided there was potentially a more widespread problem and it looks like they’ve decided to recall bikes in most international markets.

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