Kawasaki Planning More Supercharged Models

Kawasaki seems to be planning more supercharged models aimed more at the general motorcycling population.

Reports coming out of Europe suggest that Kawasaki has registered a number of trademarks for names including “Ninja R2” and “Ninja R2R”, and it is well known that the factory is working on another supercharged engine.

The rumours make sense.

Kawasaki’s current supercharged models - the Ninja H2 and H2R - are too expensive for the general motorcyclist. The H2 starts at $34,000 in Australia.

The amount of resources thrown into developing the H2 and H2R is hard to justify for just two models that will not sell in large numbers.

Kawasaki developed its own supercharger for the H2 rather than use an existing unit from another supplier.

The company showed drawings of two other supercharged concepts at the Milan show last year, reinforcing the company’s commitment to using forced induction engines in future models.

Kawasaki president Kenji Tomida said at the time that the supercharged engine technology of the H2 was always intended to be scalable to suit other applications.

The company then unveiled its “Balanced Supercharged Engine”, a second-generation supercharged four-cylinder engine at the Tokyo Show last year.

The capacity of the new engine is widely speculated to be about 800cc which should allow it to match the performance of a normally aspirated 1000cc engine.

Kawasaki also trademarked the names Ninja E2 and E2R, a clue that the company may also be considering an electric bike project in the future.

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