James May Interview

Russell White interviews Top Gear host James May.

James May Interview - listen in to hear James talk about his life before and after Top Gear. (images courtesy of Top Gear).

Top Gear has been described as the best car television show ever, and, its often talked about as even being one of the best TV shows ever created!

As interesting as the cars are, the locations and the stunts, it’s undoubtedly the chemistry between James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond that is the core of the Top Gear success story.

James May joined Top Gear in its more modern form after the first series and he, and the show, have never looked back. Top Gear regularly gets more than six million viewers in the UK alone and is syndicated around the world, not bad for three middle-aged guys just having some fun!

In this interview, Russell White talks with James about his life before Top Gear, how he came to be on the show and why it continues to be a television phenomenon.

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