Iveco says biogas needed for cleaner trucks

Iveco says biogas needed for cleaner trucks

Big benefits of using biogas

One of the chief proponents of the greater use of biofuels in road transport, CNH Industrial/Iveco, says making the switch could make a massive impact on the environment.

Iveco has won awards for its innovative compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric-drive vehicles in Europe, but they say biogas has a big future too.

A joint study presented by the International Energy Agency and International Renewable Energy Agency, found energy-related CO2 emissions could be reduced by as much as 70% by 2050 if action is taken now.

By switching from diesel engines in trucks alone, total global emissions could be slashed by up to 7%, according to the report.

Iveco and parent company, CNH Industrial, say biogas could play a big role in this type of action.

Biogas is obtained from the anaerobic digestion of biomass from agricultural residues, livestock waste, sewage effluents, crops and the organic portion of separated urban waste.

Andrea Gerini, Secretary General of the NGVA (European Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association), says the gas is ideal for powering trucks.

“It’s an extremely clean fuel in terms of particulate matter and exhaust emissions,”

“We call it a ‘near-to-zero emissions’ fuel, especially when compared with conventional and more advanced engines.

“We need to make a distinction between particulate emissions and CO2 emissions, especially when talking about urban traffic and air pollution problems.”

“In fact, in terms of emissions, from a well-to-wheel perspective that considers the entire industry from production to use, biomethane fuelled vehicles produce practically the same CO2 emissions as electric vehicles using renewable source energy, and 80-90% less than conventional fuels.

“With natural gas, sound and vibration levels are almost eliminated: alongside a reduction in air pollution we also get a reduction in noise pollution.”

CNH Industrial and a number of its sub-brands, including New Holland tractors and Iveco Truck/Bus, have been intensively trialling biogas-powered vehicles in recent years.

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