Isuzu say 4HK1 engine a market leader

Isuzu say 4HK1 engine a market leader

The new Isuzu F-Series range comes with a high-output four-cylinder diesel engine that the truck company says sets new engineering benchmarks.

The Isuzu 4HK1 engine is offered in five different variants of the Isuzu F-Series range and is offered in two outputs; 154kW/726Nm and 177kW/765Nm.

Simon Humphries, Isuzu Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, says the engine has been met with a very positive response from Australian medium-duty truck purchasers.

“There’s nothing like the 4HK1 on the medium-duty truck market today.

“This engine really marks the advent of a new-generation of power plant.

“There’s clear evidence of a global trend towards lower displacement engines across the automotive world as people gravitate towards lighter, more profitable and more efficient engine technology.”

5.2 litres in capacity and with a two-stage turbocharger, Simon tells us operators are already reporting healthy fuel savings.

“We have data showing the 4HK1 can deliver a seven per cent overall fuel saving.

“It’s our mission to deliver on all fronts. From performance to fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions – we’re extremely proud the new 4HK1 ticks all of those boxes.”

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