Isuzu F-Series handles delicate furniture with care

Isuzu F-Series handles delicate furniture with care

There are few truck loads more sensitive than delicate furniture and antiques, that’s why The Blue Mexican chose the F-Series from Isuzu.

The Sydney based door-to-door service specialises in moving delicate furniture, antiques, fragile goods, and other household items, primarily between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Isuzu F-Series handles delicate furniture with careOwner/driver Ben Sabel says the two Isuzu F-Series trucks in The Blue Mexican fleet provide a smooth ride for his customer’s valuables.

“We can move anything from homewares, to sculptures and paintings, through to marble and antiques.

“We move a lot of things people have bought online as now we’re recommended by a lot of shops and businesses. EBay sellers, auction houses, antiques dealers, and interior designers…a lot of our business now is really delicate and high-end goods.

“The most unusual thing we’ve ever moved has to be a full life-size fibreglass white rhinoceros from a taxidermist client we had, it took him years to source one for his customer, and he asked us to move it from Sydney to Melbourne.”

And Ben says the Isuzu product has proven extremely reliable.

“I have two drivers besides myself, and we find them so reliable. The engine isn’t too stressed out on long hauls and cruises along easily, they’re fantastic trucks to drive.

“They’re built to last and tough enough to run interstate and tow a trailer, so they’re exactly what we’re looking for.

“I’m planning on buying another FRR at the end of this year.”

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