February 21, 2020

Isuzu designs perfect truck for pigeons!

Isuzu designs perfect truck for pigeons!

Isuzu truck salesperson, Matt Evans, admits he was taken a bit by surprise when he was asked which of his dealerships trucks would be best to haul pigeons!

Matt works for the popular Patterson Cheney Isuzu in Victoria and the customer that asked that question was Lynton Phillips, who was representing the Greater Melbourne Pigeon Racing Federation.

“I’ve been racing pigeons for 54 years,” Lynton said.

“So when I had some money to spare I thought I’d invest it in a truck for the pigeon races.”

“A few of the guys I race with are truck drivers, and they said that for the last 20 years Isuzu have been the best trucks on the road, so we sat down with Matt and it went from there.”

Matt worked out that the Isuzu FRD 600 S Long Premium was the best fit for Lynton’s needs.

The truck is fitted with an ALLISON automatic transmission and also boasts Hendrickson airbag suspension and that makes the ride a lot more comfortable for the birds, according to Lynton.

“The truck can hold 3,100 birds, and we’ve nearly had it full, so I made sure the truck had rear airbag suspension as it’s much easier on the birds.”

While the comfort of the birds is also enhanced by the trucks custom pigeon carrier with two water pumps, air conditioning units and drip water feeders.

“We have 120 members, all living in different areas, so we have to go to designated pickup spots around Victoria before we take the birds for the race.

“We can drive five or six hundred miles over a weekend, going interstate, to New South Wales, South Australia, or even on the ferry to Tasmania, so we want to make sure the birds and the drivers are as comfortable as possible.

“The Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation used to have 80 members, but another 40 have joined since we’ve bought the truck, as it makes life so much easier.

“Everybody’s impressed and it’s going perfectly.”

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