March 1, 2020

International Trucks launch new A26 engine

International Trucks launch new A26 engine

International A26 12.4 litre engine now available in North America…

No word yet on whether we will see it in Australia, however International Trucks are now offering the new A26 engine to customers in North America.

The 12.4 litre engine is based on the MAN D26, but is said to be up to a substantial 315kg lighter than equivalent engines and International Trucks is talking fuel consumption savings of about 5%.

Producing up to 475hp and 2,372Nm, the A26 engine utilizes a variable geometry turbocharger that is said to reduce complexity and enhance reliability.

Larger piston pins, connecting rods and bushings also feature and International says they help optimize load distribution for enhanced durability.

While the engine boasts service intervals of up to 112,000km.

Bill Kozek is the president of Truck and Parts at International Trucks, he says the new A26 unit, which was developed under the code name ‘Project Alpha’, is a simple, but effective new engine.

“The International A26 has been designed to address the rigorous demands of our customers.

“It’s been tested to extremes and meets a demanding B10 design life standard for an unprecedented 1.9 million kilometres.”

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