Innovation Award for Scania hybrid truck

Innovation Award for Scania hybrid truck

Scania has been awarded the Green Truck Future Innovation Award 2016 for its hybrid distribution truck.

Presented by the German trade magazine ‘Verkehrsrundschau’, judges were especially impressed by the recently released new 18-tonne distribution trucks ability to operate solely on electric power for up to 2 kilometres.

Designed to be able to move through areas sensitive to the noise and emissions of a regular truck, such as underground car parks and warehouses, the electric drive capability of the Scania hybrid is rated at 130kW.

While the truck has another trick up its sleeve – the Scania 9-litre Euro 6 engine can be operated on 100 percent biodiesel, this potentially reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 92%.

Scania tell us that at this stage there are no plans to bring the Scania hybrid truck to Australia.

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