Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration concept unveiled

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration concept unveiled

Infiniti has given us a complete view of its new mid-size SUV concept – the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration.

Unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, Infiniti tell us the concept explores the brand’s vision for a future premium mid-sized SUV. Though at this stage Infiniti hasn’t released any details on a possible drivetrain for a future new SUV model.

Following in the footsteps of other Infiniti models that have made it to the production line, such as the Q30/QX30, the Japanese sport/luxury brand said the QX Sport Inspiration concept lays down markers for the design, layout, and engineering of future Infiniti QX models.

The concept is also a result of collaboration between Infiniti designers from across the globe.

While the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration has a cabin that is spacious and beautifully appointed, that is both driver-centric and passenger-minded, according to Infiniti.

Infiniti President, Roland Krueger, did the official unveiling, he said he looks forward to seeing how the concept develops in the future.

“The QX Sport Inspiration is a statement of intent from Infiniti, showcasing a daring design philosophy and a demonstration of our capabilities in the mid-size SUV segment.”

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