Infiniti gets sporty with Project Black S

Infiniti gets sporty with Project Black S

Infiniti looks set to offer a high-performance model line…

Your next Infiniti car purchase might come with the choice of a high-performance variant.

The result of collaboration with the Renault Formula One team, which also operates under the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the high-performance line from Infiniti is being dubbed as ‘Project Black S’.

Similar to the M Division cars at BMW and AMG offerings from Mercedes-Benz, Project Black S cars could come with beefed-up suspension, bodywork and performance tuning too.

The starting point, which is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week, is a heavily tweaked hybrid-powered Infiniti Q60 coupe.

Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti, says it’s a natural progression for the premium Japanese brand to investigate high-performance models.

“It’s natural that we explore high-performance hybrid technology,”

“We have constantly led the way in making innovative new powertrain technology available, and we’re extremely excited by the potential of Project Black S.”

Infiniti gets sporty with Project Black S
The Renault F1 team has helped develop the first high-performance Infiniti model.

We will bring you more details on this as they come to hand in our Infiniti News section.

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