Incorrect tyre inflation costing you $1300 a year

Incorrect tyre inflation costing you $1300 a year

Study counts cost of poor tyre inflation

You could be unnecessarily handing over around $1,300 each year just because your car’s tyres aren’t correctly inflated.

$1,300 could instead pay for a holiday!

And there could be even more savings to be made if you make sure your tyres are correct inflated – you will most likely get more life out of your rubber too.

The findings come out of a study conducted by UK tyre charity, TyreSafe.

It was found that 35% of tyres are being driven at least 8psi below the recommended limits set by manufacturers.

Not only is that unsafe (research shows underinflated tyres have half the ‘footprint’ of a properly inflated tyre), it also causes excess fuel use.

“The sheer number of tyres being driven below recommended pressures demonstrates a concerning lack of appreciation among drivers of the risks and costs this brings with it,” said Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe.

“It’s the most common tyre defect and seemingly taken lightly but drivers should remember that it brings with it potentially serious consequences.

“Regular tyre checks can reduce your chances of an incident and save you money.”

Do you know how tyres are made? Check out this cool video and Michelin has just unveiled a new 3D printed tyre!

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