Improved weather data for U.S. BMW cars

Improved weather data for U.S. BMW cars

BMW and The Weather Company partner up to help drivers…

We recently got along to the launch of the new-generation BMW 5 Series and that vehicle gives you the latest weather info in the iDrive/connected drive infotainment system.

So, like your smartphone, the latest weather details for where you are and where you’re heading is always at hand.

The weather data is provided to the vehicle via a built-in SIM card.

We can see advantages in having that feature for Australian drivers with the system potentially helping you avoid things like summer storms, hail, flooding etc.

But the real-time weather feed is even more relevant in the northern hemisphere where snow storms can have a real impact on road safety.

Now, to make sure BMW owners have the best info at hand, BMW has teamed up with The Weather Company in the U.S.

The arrangement sees the weather info provider stream forecasts and weather warnings straight into BMW vehicles and they say the tie-up will provide an even better service to drivers.

“Weather is one of the biggest influences on our daily lives, and certainly informs our decisions and experiences while driving,” said Cameron Clayton, General Manager, The Weather Company.

“We are able to provide millions of drivers with convenient access to the most accurate, precise, real-time weather information possible.

The commercial meteorological service has a presence in Australia, however, at this stage there is no word on The Weather Company providing weather data to Australian BMW vehicles.

We will keep you updated though if further news comes to hand.

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