Imported Holden Commodore to arrive early 2018

Holden reveals details on the first fully-imported Holden Commodore…

One of the worst kept secrets in the car world has been confirmed with Holden today announcing the Commodore would live on beyond the end of local production.

Set to land in early 2018, the next-generation Holden Commodore will be a re-badged and re-tuned version of the Opel Insignia.

The new Commodore is a back to the future type scenario for the Holden large car with a four-cylinder engine again being found under the bonnet, something we haven’t seen since the very early 1980’s.

The 2.0 litre petrol and diesel four-cylinder units will power the front wheels only.

While traditional Australian large car buyers will also be happy to see that a 230kW/370Nm V6 engine will also be available.

All-wheel drive and a nine-speed auto will come as standard on that V6 Commodore derivative.

The new Holden Commodore is currently undergoing testing in Australia.

Holden Engineer Jeremy Tassone says the new offering will feel and drive like a Commodore.

“Although we are remain in the early stages of the Holden development process, this is an absolutely world-class car. We’ve taken a precision-engineered German car and endowed it with Holden DNA.

“It drives like a Commodore should.

“We’ve had our Holden engineers engaged in this global program from the outset and we’re continuing to do extensive tuning and development, racking up thousands of kilometres, at our Lang Lang proving ground in Victoria to ensure it’s got that Holden magic.”

We will keep you updated with further info on the new Holden Commodore as it comes to hand.

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2 Comments on Imported Holden Commodore to arrive early 2018

  1. How can it “drive like a commodore Should ” ? No V8 No rear wheel drive = not a commodore. more like a type of toyta cammry! What made the commodore different is lost . Why buy one ? it will be no different to all other bland mid size white gooda ! RIP Commodore you will be greatly missed!

    • Hi Dan, It’s going to be interesting to see what the new “Holden” is like in the flesh. Agree that while it might be a nice car, a Commodore (in the traditional sense) it most likely won’t really be.

      Time will tell!

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