Hyundai Sonata named The Car Book BEST BET

The Hyundai Sonata has won another award; this time being named as a BEST BET by The Car Book.

The annual BEST BET classification is handed to vehicles based on their response to the performance and safety needs of the American car buyer. The Hyundai Sonata this year was named alongside Hyundai stablemate, the Genesis.

Jack Gillis is the author of The Car Book, he says both Hyundai models would be smart and sensible purchases.

“Hyundai continues to exceed customer expectations in terms of build quality and standard features,”

“By offering vehicles that respond to the safety and performance needs of today’s consumers, Hyundai continues to make a significant contribution to improving the market choices for the American car buyer.”

Mike O’Brien, vice president of Corporate and Product Planning at Hyundai Motor America, welcomed the recognition.

“The BEST BET recognition from The Car Book demonstrates our emphasis on safety and performance with bold styling and advanced technologies across our sedan line-up,”

“Within the crowded sedan segment today, we strive to deliver cars that are ‘better’ in every aspect, to win over the needs of car buyers—from better safety to better performance.

“This is a promise we will continue to deliver to our customers.”

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