Hyundai owners again declared Most Loyal

Hyundai owners again declared Most Loyal

U.S. study finds Hyundai owners love the brand

Something car manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort on is making sure their customers keep coming back for more.

Owner loyalty and retention can never be discounted in an industry packed with full of brands competing for only so many car buyers.

And it looks like Hyundai is doing terrific job of it.

The South Korean auto company has just been named the car manufacturer with the most loyal customers in the U.S.

Topping the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index for a record eight-consecutive year, Hyundai owners were found to be mostly likely to have had their expectations met from consideration through to purchase.

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Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys Founder and President, says it’s the brands that best meet expectations that generate the most loyalty.

“Hyundai has been able to best meet customer expectations and has, again, scored the highest levels of loyalty when it comes to the automotive category, taking the #1 spot,”

“Of course, the true test of loyalty and engagement always shows up in the marketplace, so we aren’t surprised to see Hyundai’s success. We congratulate them on another win.”

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