Hyundai i30 Petrol or Diesel?

Maggie wants some advice on a petrol or diesel Hyundai i30.

Boys, my husband and I are thinking about a new Hyundai i30. We’ve been into the dealership but don’t know whether to get the petrol or diesel version.

What do you think?

Maggie, thanks for your email. First of all, congratulations on choosing to buy a Hyundai i30. The Hyundai i30 is one of Australia’s favourite cars and that’s for a reason, it’s a quality offering.

The model varies from its two main rival, the Toyota Corolla and Mazda3, in regards to giving you that choice of a petrol and diesel engine. Toyota doesn’t bother and the diesel option in the Mazda3 only comes in the very top-spec model.

But with a Hyundai i30 you can access a diesel model from just $23,590.

The diesel offers fuel economy as low as 4.6L/100km, this compares really well against the petrol engine which is quoted at 5.5L/100km.

The 1.8 litre petrol version of the i30 is cheaper, it starts from just $20,990, while the diesel offers less power, 100kW compared to 107kW, but more torque 260Nm (manual) and 300Nm (double-clutch auto), that’s against the petrol engine’s 175Nm.

There’s also the 2.0 litre petrol engine on offer, it boasts 124kW an 201Nm.

So which one to buy? Well it all comes down to how you will use your Hyundai i30. If you are city-based, you will probably enjoy the more responsive acceleration offered by the petrol. Long freeway/country highway drives are better handled by the diesel.

In terms of whether the diesel will save you money in the long run, all depends again on what you do with the car. If you are travelling big miles every year, then it could be a good investment. If you only do the average mileage of an Australian driver (about 15,000km) then you are probably not going to be that much better off with the diesel engine.

We hope that answers your question and we would love to know which way you go.

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  1. I30 desil has 300nm torks not 260 check ure facts give right information.

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