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Hyundai expands hydrogen fuel cell roll-out

Hyundai expands hydrogen fuel cell roll-out

Hydrogen fuel cell equipped Hyundai’s to be used in major London trial.

The Hyundai fuel cell equipped ix35 can travel 594km on a single refuel.

Hyundai has, in the main, skipped the more traditional hybrid and electric car revolution – instead putting 15 years worth of research and development into hydrogen technology.

Hyundai recently became the first car manufacturer to deliver an assembly line produced vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell into Europe.

Now Hyundai has taken the roll-out of fuel cell equipped ix35’s to London with five clean and green SUV’s to be used as part of the London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LNHE) project.

Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell info:

  • Hyundai has been working on hydrogen fuel cell technology for 15 years.
  • Each vehicle is equipped with a 100kW fuel cell stack and two hydrogen storage tanks, with a total capacity of 5.64 kg.
  • This amount of stored hydrogen enables the vehicle to travel a total of 594km on a single refuel.
  • Maximum speed is 160 km/h.
  • The vehicle can reliably start in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius.
  • The energy developed is stored in a 24 kW lithium-polymer battery.

Hyundai plans to manufacture 1,000 units of the hydrogen-powered ix35 by 2015, targeted predominantly at public sector and private fleets, followed by the mass production of 10,000 units for public consumption.

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