Hydrogen injection the next big fuel saver for trucks?

Hydrogen injection the next big fuel saver for trucks?

Big gains from Hydrogen injection

Every operator wants their diesel engine(s) to use less fuel – few though would have thought that hydrogen could be the answer.

As we know, hydrogen is seen as a possible replacement for traditional internal combustion engines, particularly for cars.

However, a U.S. company now reckons there’s another good use for ‘the most abundant element in the universe’.

Commercial Hydrogen Inc. has produced a proprietary hydrogen pre-combustion injection system that they’ve just demonstrated to the U.S. Army.

Utilising a Freightliner truck (seen below), the tech helped the vehicle return a better than 15% fuel economy improvement.

Hydrogen injection the next big fuel saver for trucks?The business is reticent to explain exactly how the technology works, though they say it isn’t a ‘fuel additive’.

CEO, Todd Fowler, tells us the retrofit system reduces engine-out emissions by reducing back pressure and emissions system maintenance.

“Our retrofits are paid for in less than one year, just in fuel savings alone,”

“Operators are getting improved fuel economy in the 10% to 30% range.

“Additionally, we are finding that air emissions are improving dramatically.  It’s a total win-win.”

We’ll keep you updated with further news on Commercial Hydrogen Inc. as it comes to hand.

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