Hybrid and Electric buses tipped to boom

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Electric bus market to surge

Cities across the globe a looking at ways of reducing air and noise pollution and one fairly simple answer to both problems is the increased use of electric and hybrid buses.

We’ve seen some big electric/hybrid bus orders in recent times, including a significant shift towards the technology in some of China’s largest cities.

Now a new report is tipping the switch to electric and hybrid buses will only gain further momentum in coming years.

How big? Try $500 billion U.S. dollars.

The IDTechEx Research Report Electric Buses 2018-2038 predicts the 15 manufacturers that look set to benefit the most from the growing demand for cleaner public transport, including Tesla.

While the report also predicts that a lot of the growth will come among smaller electric/hybrid buses, many of which will have autonomous driving capabilities.

These smaller buses will also have the flexibility to operate multiple tasks – reducing the need for cars, taxis and larger buses.

While electric and hybrid powertrains look to be the future for school buses as well.

The report says switching to electric school buses would prevent pollution deaths and help save operators money.

Interestingly, on the Tesla Bus, Telsa founder Elon Musk recently said he wasn’t sure the electric vehicle company would push ahead with his electric bus plans.

“I don’t know if the bus thing really makes sense in the shared fully autonomous environment,” Musk said.

“If it costs less than a bus ticket to make use of a shared autonomy fleet to go wherever you want, point to point, well why don’t you just use that? So I don’t know.”

Instead of buses, Musk believes tunnels could be the answer to alleviating traffic issues in cities, you can find out more about that plan on this edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast.

In related coverage: One of Canada’s biggest cities starts making the switch to electric buses and Scania says we shouldn’t delay the roll-out of electric/hybrid buses.

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