HR Holden still going strong for Katie

HR Holden still going strong for Katie

Old Holden still happily on family duties in 2017…

My friend surprised me the other day…she told me about her other car. Katie drives a Subaru Forester, perfect for her needs, and her kids love going to school in it.

What I didn’t know was that 20 years or so ago she purchased her first car. It was already quite old, but for 350 dollars she got the keys to a Holden HR Premier sedan, not the Special, a Premier.

Painted a pea green colour with oatmeal coloured vinyl roof.

Her Dad had owned one when she was little, hence her decision.

Katie and her friends loved it, it went everywhere. And when she eventually bought another car a few years later she kept the HR, because she couldn’t part with it.

It was parked for years in a spare garage owned by a family member, driven occasionally, but kept in good order.

Recently though, the Premier has been brought out of mothballs.

The car has been repainted in the original colour, the interior is as new, and it’s a joy to behold.

Katie’s been offered 15 thousand for it but says she wouldn’t sell it for a hundred thousand.

Her kids, aged 6 and 9, took a while to get used to it.

Where are the drink bottle holders?

How do you get the windows to go up and down? Where are the buttons?

There’s no windscreen wiper on the back window!

Why does the car fog up in cold weather?

Why does it have such a huge steering wheel?

And that long single seat in the front? And is that a gear lever up beside the steering wheel?

Where’s the entertainment system? Reversing camera?

And that huge boot…we could all hide in there!

It reminded them of a pea-green army tank with a vinyl roof. For a long time they refused to be driven to school in the Premier but have recently realised that it’s the best ever car to show off to their mates, even cooler than the Forester!

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