How to keep employees from being distracted drivers

How to keep employees from being distracted drivers

Useful tips to ensure employees stay safe behind the wheel…

We’ve seen a big focus placed on improving employee health and safety in Australia over the past two decades, however vehicles remain the ‘danger zone’ for workers.

More Australian workers get injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents than in any other professional environment every year.

Businesses need to do all they can to protect their employees.

As we know, driver distraction is a significant road safety issue and has the potential to be even more prevalent in vehicles that cover more kilometres and possibly have additional distractions from extra mobile phone calls, text messages and emails.

But there are ways to ensure professional/company drivers aren’t unduly distracted and these include:

  • Issue a written policy to employees on avoiding distractions and mobile phone use.
  • Prohibit the use of mobiles when operating any vehicle on company business.
  • Use cell-blocking technology for mobile phones in company-owned vehicles.
  • Require drivers to be legally parked if they want to use a mobile phone from their vehicles.
  • Implement a discipline program for violation of in-vehicle behaviour and cell phone policies.
  • Allow voicemail to handle calls.
  • Allow a passenger in the vehicle to handle calls.
  • Notify callers via voicemail if a driver is unavailable or behind the wheel and that the driver will return calls when it is safe.
  • Have drivers inform regular callers of their driving schedules and when they will be able to talk.
  • Remind drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes and mind on the road.

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