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Honda unveils EV concepts

Range of electric vehicle designs shown off at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda unveils EV concepts

Honda has revealed a whole range of electric vehicle concepts at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Looking like something out an old sci-fi film are the Honda Urban EV concept (pictured below) and the Honda NeuV (pictured above).

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Honda unveils EV concepts

The intuitive NeuV can make judgments about the driver’s state of stress based on facial expressions or tone of voice, and learn their driving style to give better assistance.

While the Urban EV is a city commuter designed to enhance the driver’s everyday life with interactive communication functions and will be the basis of future Honda mass-production EV models.

Honda unveils EV concepts

But headlining the show is the Honda Sports EV Concept that combines EV performance with artificial intelligence to make the drive feel at one with the car.

Based on the Urban EV platform, the Sports EV has a lowered centre of gravity to provide the full sports experience.

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Honda unveils EV concepts

Also launched was the latest Honda CR-V which has already gone on sale in Australia.

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo says creating environmentally friendly vehicles is an important goal for Honda.

“Honda has been working toward the realisation of a carbon-free society and is making good progress in changing our petrol powered vehicles to be cleaner and more fuel efficient.”

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