Honda says EVs can make you money

Innovative Honda Power Manager Concept unveiled

honda power manager

We’ve looked at this concept a little bit in the past, including this technology from BMW, – the opportunity to use your electric vehicle as more than just a device that moves you around.

And Honda is all over the idea, unveiling a new Power Manager Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week (seen above).

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Described as “a fully-integrated energy transfer system” by the car manufacturer, they say the system is designed to incorporate electric vehicles into a smart power grid.

How does it work?

The system receives electricity from the grid or solar panels.

The electricity is used to charge the EV, as well as power your home, and if you have more than you need – you can simply sell it back to the grid.

Honda telling us the Power Manager system can help to stabilise the grid at times of either short or surplus supply, as well as representing a revenue opportunity for EV owners.

Philip Ross, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe, says Power Manager just makes sense.

“The system uses advanced technology to intelligently integrate the electric vehicle into the wider power network, so it is no longer just a consumer but also a contributor to the grid.

“It underlines our pledge to develop a more sustainable mobility model.”

Putting it to the test

The technology is being trialed in a pilot program in Europe. This will see solar panels and Honda Power Managers installed to create a smart power grid.

Honda tell us the pilot will see the technology used to charge EVs, power buildings, and feed electricity back into the grid when required.

We’ll keep you updated as further info on the tech comes to hand.

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