Honda Odyssey, Hyundai iMax or Kia Carnival?

Mary asks, which people-mover should we buy?

Honda Odyssey, Hyundai iMax or Kia Carnival? Joel Helmes reckons for this application the Hyundai iMax is best-suited.

Hi Joel, I heard you and the guys talking seven-seaters and the like recently and wanted your opinion on the Honda Odyssey, Hyunda iMax and Kia Carnival.

We run a service for children with mild disabilities and need a seven or eight seater that is easy to drive, roomy and reliable.

Thanks Mary – all three people-movers that you mentioned meet those requirements. A couple of quick thoughts on each…

The Honda Odyssey is the easiest to drive, is the smallest externally and while it is roomy inside, it doesn’t have the same space as the Hyundai iMax and is probably a little smaller than the Kia. In saying that, it is the onle one of the three that comes with a full five-star safety rating.

The Odyssey is the top-seller among private people-mover buyers in Australia, engine choice though is petrol only.

The Kia Carnival is offered in both diesel and petrol variants, the diesel is my pick as it has more low down power and uses less fuel than the V6 petrol. Slightly larger inside the Odyssey, it is an easy vehicle to drive and access is very good. A seven year warranty is welcome, though again, the Kia model has only a four-star ANCAP safety rating.

My pick though is the Hyundai iMax. Yes, it is also only four-star ANCAP rated, but it is the easiest people-mover to shift kids around in simply because it’s the biggest inside. Incredibly spacious on the inside and with still quite a large cargo area too, even with all three rows of seats in use – the iMax is just so easy to live with.

Not bad to drive either, petrol and diesel engines to choose from, that’s the way I’d be going.

We hope that helps Mary and do please let us know which way you go.

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