Honda NSX tested to the limit by Fernando Alonso

F1 star takes to Estoril Circuit in new NSX hybrid sports car

Honda NSX tested to the limit by Fernando Alonso

The Honda NSX will be in Australian Honda dealerships a little later in the year and is sure to breathe even more life into the resurgent Honda.

Now, ahead of that arrival, Honda has handed the keys to a new 433kW NSX to McLaren Honda Formula One driver Fernando Alonso at the famed Estoril Circuit in Portugal.

The media event offered journalists the chance to experience the new hybrid-powered sports car at full flight.

After the event, Alonso said he was really impressed by the dynamics of the new Honda.

“In terms of driving what really has surprised me are the brakes, the feelings are not so far from what we feel driving in F1.”

“Driving the NSX is softer and sweeter than an F1 car because you are not searching for every little fraction of an inch, as you do in races.

“It is like the difference between artistic drawing and technical drawing.”

Stay tuned for more details on the new Honda NSX in coming months.

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