Honda NSS300 FORZA Scooter Recalled

Owners of the Thai made Honda NSS300 FORZA Scooter are being asked to contact their nearest Honda Dealer and arrange to have their scooter inspected for a possible brake fluid leak.

Honda Australia has issued a recall notice through the ACCC for the 300cc scooter.

Honda states that due to a manufacturing defect, one of the securing nuts on the rear brake hose flange may not be tightened to the correct specification.

If the bolt comes loose, brake fluid may leak from the rear brake causing it to become inoperable and posing an accident hazard to the rider and other road users.

Affected vehicles have a VIN number in the range of MLHNF04U1D5000001 to MLHNF04U3D5000064.

Owners with a scooter included in the recall are being urged to have it inspected at their earliest opportunity.

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