Honda Dumps CBR600RR From Europe

Slow sales in Europe force Honda's hand

Honda Dumps CBR600RR From Europe

Honda’s CBR600RR is the latest victim of the tough Euro 4 emissions standards, with Honda withdrawing it from sale in Europe at the end of this year.

The bike will not meet the Euro 4 standards and Honda says making it compliant isn’t economically viable.

The work required would be expensive, and sales volumes in the 600cc supersport category have plummeted in recent years to a level that make it hard to justify the necessary investment.

The funding model Honda uses for new model development would have been a factor in the decision as well.

Honda asks each region to contribute financially to new model development.

No doubt the European management would have been reluctant to pour money into making a bike compliant when the chances of good sales volumes are slim.

Similarly, countries like the US would be reluctant to help fund development that didn’t benefit their market.

There is no plan to replace the bike for the European market, but the CBR650F that is selling in reasonable numbers will continue to be available.

While it isn’t as punchy as the CBR600RR, it’s still a good option as a mid capacity sports bike.

Honda will also bring a new CBR1000RR Fireblade developed with Euro 4 in mind to the market for 2017.

Like the Kawasaki W800, Yamaha’s XT660Z Tenere and XJR1300 that have also been dropped in Europe, there’s no reason to drop the CBR600RR from the Australian market.

Honda Japan has already suggested the existing model can be sold into markets not governed by the Euro 4 legislation.

At this stage, Yamaha and Suzuki are suggesting they will still have a 600cc supersports model available for Europe, but Kawasaki is being a little more vague on the future of its ZX-6R.

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