Holden Camira v Mitsubishi Sigma Comparison

Holden Camira v Mitsubishi Sigma Comparison

In hindsight, about 30 years of it, you might say it wasn’t a great idea to buy either of them!

However, back in the early 1980’s the Mitsubishi Sigma and Holden Camira were fighting it out for a big slice of the Australian small car market.

The Sigma finished the winner overall with a better reputation for reliability than the Holden, though most of the Sigma cars sold in Australia ended up in the crusher after eventually succumbing to body rust.

Anyway, back when they were shiny and new Evan Green put the Holden and Mitsubishi/Chrysler products to the ultimate test…Did you own a Sigma or Camira? How was it? Let us know below.

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