HAVAL unveils plug-in hybrid technology

HAVAL unveils plug-in hybrid technology

The SUV manufacturer HAVAL say they intend to start offering plug-in hybrid drivetrains in their vehicles from next year.

Offering up to 450Nm and fuel consumption as low as just 2.1L/100km, HAVAL has just shown-off their hybrid system at the Beijing Auto Exhibition.

The plug-in hybrid drivetrain combines a 1.5 litre turbo-petrol engine with an electric motor and transmission and HAVAL say the system will have three drive modes, including an electric-only mode that will provide up 65km, emissions free.

And a full charge time for the lithium-ion batteries is being promised at just four hours.

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HAVAL Australia Chief Marketing Officer Tim Smith says the technology is very exciting.

“This will provide the HAVAL with one of the longest ranges of all modern hybrid vehicles.

“We know that the average daily commute for Australian drivers is around 42 kilometres, which is less than two thirds of the HAVAL’s range.

“This makes range anxiety a thing of the past.”

We will keep you updated on Australian developments over coming months.

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