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HAVAL H6 performs well in key crash test

Rollover safety test performed on HAVAL H6

haval h6 crash test

Safety is a big priority for Aussie car and SUV buyers, especially when considering models that may not carry the badges of the ‘big name’ car manufacturers.

But HAVAL, the Chinese SUV brand that is making some inroads into the Australian market, can now reassure potential customers that one of its high-profile models carries strong safety credentials.

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HAVAL has just sent us the video below that shows the H6 undertaking a new rollover safety test.

The H6 was the first vehicle to be put to the test at the China Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC).

CATARC spokesperson Zhang Jianwei tells us the HAVAL product performed well.

“Even with a full-length panoramic sunroof, the H6 maintained excellent body integrity, with no bending of the A or B-Pillar.

“While data from the H6 test revealed excellent results for both test dummies, demonstrating the high safety levels on the vehicle in a rollover crash.”

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